Sometimes, I don’t enjoy the idea of running against some candidates, generally speaking, because they may be friends of mine. After elections, if they don’t win, I often envision them, if they’re particularly smart, as aide-de-camps for statesman-like figures some day, speaking generally.

“Aide-de-camp” is a title for the highest ranking of aides, and I’m thinking of civilian service (in the military, it’s usually an officer assisting a higher ranked officer; e.g., a lieutenant serving as aide-de-camp for a general). Aide-de-camp, in general, isn’t a run-of-the-mill position, but a position that’s usually reserved for the most intelligent of staff. Speaking generally, after a few years or longer, a seasoned aide-de-camp might even take on the role of statesman, himself.

Post-election isn’t fun for the losers, but the consolation is, there are other good careers out there. In a better world, everybody would be a statesman, but we live on Earth. Cheer up, Doug and Sea…and Happy New Year.