Blog Is Starting To Pick Up Viewers

Good news…due to some website analytics I have, that takes out my own views, I can see that my website is getting attention, and my blog is, in fact, being read. The post in which I mentioned that I’ve been more or less disconnected from some of my applicants for website modeling, because of a second Facebook suspension, is getting the most views…that’s interesting. I’m almost worried about another journalistic sham job, similar to the ones in 2019 about my Friends, who always seem to be controversial because they’re young women. The Friends are part of my outreach to a huge “young folks” voting bloc that I like to call a Sleeping Giant, because they haven’t been voting as much as older people have, but the potential to change elections and outcomes is great.

The boxing women are tongue-in-cheek and promotional (at least one is a real boxer, however). I don’t have $70,000 that Jim Ferrell has for his campaign, unfortunately, so I have to resort to P.T. Barnum-like gimmicks to make sure that my campaign gets noticed, and I don’t mind introducing a little fun into, oftentimes, humdrum politics. However, if “journalists” start using shady innuendo, distortions, exaggerations, or tagging me in unflattering terms, to put it nicely, sunshine is the best antidote. I’m not deleting anything because of their writing, the blog might suddenly become the home page, and I might even have to confess that I like young women…that’s okay, I’ll take it. Anyone that follows me so closely that they know my political history in minute detail also knows that I’ve been in court several times, and every time because I initiated the lawsuit. I may not be a lawyer, but my legal assistant experience has enabled me to know how to form a lawsuit if I can’t afford one. I take libel seriously.