Biden Regime’s Open Borders Is a Disaster for America’s Poor

Flood our country with the rest of the world’s poor, and guess what, our own poor continue to get stymied by this Biden – Harris Open Borders Program. Rising housing costs, rent unaffordable or all but unaffordable with modest incomes, or even average incomes (few vacancies, a sellers’ market), crowded schools and hospital rooms, government services expended for foreigners instead of our own citizens, homelessness so sky-high, now, that much of America looks like Calcutta or worst, rising government debt and taxes to pay for “open borders,” fraudulent elections because of unentitled people voting, not to mention open calls by leftists for “legalized” foreign voting in U.S. elections (and actual in some cases), surging crime by foreign gangs and overall, Mexican cartels essentially running our southern border areas, and meanwhile the Democrats in Congress propagate this (including, ironically, the black circus, a.k.a. “caucus,” that represents some of the poorest areas of U.S.), and RINOs sit on their hands. Not to mention that the Biden regime rarely enforces immigration law, which basically is a quasi-legalization of illegal entry and a violation of the U.S. Code. Meanwhile, our own poor suffer more by having to compete with the so-called huddled masses as the Biden regime gives de facto American citizenry to the entire world. It’s a mess.

No poem on a statue is law, the wisdom of limitations.