Biden Regime (Updated)

The feckless, totalitarian, and most radical left presidential regime in American history is probably using surveillance against me and other like-minded Republicans, but me specifically, because they know I will probably win the Republican nomination for the 9th District this year, and they realize that it’s 50-50 that I could get into Congress if I make “Top 2” on August 2nd Primary Day.

One of my first goals will be voting for the impeachment of Mayorkas (DHS Secretary) and getting our borders under control. Another top goal will be working with my would-be colleagues in Congress to restore our American energy independence that Biden willingly stopped in order to cater to his “climate change” crazies, and now we’re depending on autocrats and ayatollahs for energy.

Updated (3/8/22): A link on “climate change,” above, to an interesting video from the Wall Street Journal seven years ago (interviewing Matt Ridley, who was a member of the British House of Lords at the time, and has written about climate change crazies).

Post-script: Just heard in the background (FOX report on TV) that the soft-on-crime Biden regime just freed a would-be 9-11-01 terrorist hijacker…and they are working to close GITMO prison (guess the world is suddenly la la land, now). The regime is devoid of basic common sense, to put it nicely.