Biden – Harris Govt.’s Insane Open Borders

By definition, having open borders is intentional and basically means that the government sponsoring and allowing it doesn’t intend on having a real country anymore. Two of the candidates running for the 9th District seat, Stephanie Gallardo and Adam Smith, are for open borders, along with the bizarre, corrupt Biden – Harris government, as well as organizations that support Gallardo. Why would we want our nation to be overrun by foreigners? Why would we want America to turn into an amalgam of the countries that the foreigners are running away from, which would be the effect of allowing open borders? As New York City radical politicians propose that virtually any non-citizen can vote, and they have multitudes; it’s all counter-poor American citizens, counter-middle-class American citizens, and counter American citizens in general. Someone needs to tell AOC, with her ignorant remarks that implied that America would be on its knees without open borders, that America got along just fine before 1965 (when they opened the gates wider than ever), but is on the brink of collapse, today.