At Least Odious “Social Media” Has All But Put Me On the Ballot

Nobody is going to write a news story about election interference by powerful social media companies in the Federal Way mayoral race, because the leftist mainstream news media is practically in cahoots with their social media “allies.” Nonetheless Facebook and Twitter have upset me enough that pre-banning me from their sites was 80% certainty that I would be on the ballot for mayor, but post-banning is 99% certainty. Okay, an insincere thank you to them. They don’t like my pro-America politics, but at least their overt political bias has practically ensured that pro-America politics will be front and center in the Federal Way mayoral race this year. If they thought banning me would cause me to run away from this campaign in disarray and distress, then apparently they never read Aesop’s fable called “The North Wind and the Sun.”