America’s School Indoctrination Madness

There’s a persistent but sizable minority of lifestyle radicals in the teaching ranks of the United States who are pushing a radical transgender activism, among other things that are being pushed by varied others (but one madness at a time on this blog), in our public schools, and not only are they not getting much pushback, but, in many cases, leftist and liberal school officials are actually perpetuating and accommodating their theories with a hodgepodge, or little, if any, of opt-in or opt-out criteria, and, by and large, hardly getting consent by the families of the students involved. They are, to be frank, basically, trying to turn boys into girls and girls into boys, and nobody necessarily asked them to practice their philosophies and peculiarities on the nation’s school kids, nor did they necessarily get the approval of parents to do so.

They were just talking about a case of this nature in California…surprise, surprise, surprise….with absolutely no parent’s consent. If suddenly this madness could bizarrely be transformed back in time to, say, 1968, and this indoctrination happened to be going on in my and my sister’s school, I could envision my mother being so upset, not to mention immediately in the principle’s office, that today’s sometimes boisterous school board meetings that the tyrannical A.G., Merrick Garland, is supposedly so concerned about, would be considered a picnic in comparison.

Once Republicans get control of Congress in about a year from now, there’s going to be plenty of political pushback to the indoctrination going on in the schools these days.

From the Generation Jumpstart Website’s blog: The Voting Rights’ Charade