A “No Pretense” Radical

Wow…just did a brief survey of Stephanie Gallardo’s website, pretty wild (she would fit right in with AOC’s squad)…but at least she doesn’t pretend to be anything but a socialist radical that wants to turn America upside down, complete with the gradual internationalization of America, in which the open borders policies (legal and illegal), with the help of people like Biden, Adam Smith and Gallardo, would grimly transform America into a foreigner-dominated society by 2050, maybe much sooner. Save our nation! Vote these radicals out, or, better yet, don’t give them your vote in the first place.

P.S. I guessed right about Krystal Marx, she apparently quit this Congressional race and endorsed Gallardo, according to Gallardo’s site. Nonetheless, could Kshama Sawant be right around the corner if she loses the recall? Sawant vs. Gallardo would help to split up the radical vote in the Primary. I’m not sure if either Sawant or Gallardo actually live in the district (I think much of Sawant’s council district is in the 9th Congressional District).