300,000: One Great Chore

The Snoopy Act will need more than 300,00 signatures, so we might put this is on standard size paper (8.5 x 11), so it’ll be easy to copy blank petition forms since this is probably going to be a very low-budget operation. We also might use 11 x 17 paper, which is usually easy to copy at stores that have copiers. The rough draft of the Initiative can be found here (look for Greene, filed Jan. 20th, 2022). We’ll need a lot of subcontractor-like operations to get the job accomplished. For example, 800 “subcontractors,” who sign up with this Initiative, agree to get 500 signatures before July 1st, and make their own copies of the petition. We use “subcontractor” loosely in this instance, because 100% of this is volunteer. “Subcontractors,” in this instance, could also get their own subcontractors (volunteers) to help them collect 500 signatures (we could call the 2nd level subcontractors “suppliers,” to differentiate them from the main subcontractors). So we have three ranks, here: (1.) Organizers (2.) Subcontractors (3). Suppliers. 

If we go with the formula written above, we’ll need 800 Subcontractors, from anywhere in Washington State, who will get 500 signatures to help put the Snoopy Act on the ballot. All signatures must be from Washington registered voters, and you should confirm, by their word, that they are registered voters before they sign the petition. To be honest, we would be surprised if we recruited 800 Subcontractors to help dogs and cats from being snatched up or bought from wherever for vile and ugly research and experimentation, like what is going on in this story, but “surprised” is different than “shocked,” so there’s hope. We could probably get by, barely, with 750 Subcontractors, but not less than that. 

Organizers, Subcontractors and Suppliers are strictly volunteers and, Subcontractors, especially, may have to copy on their own, without reimbursement, however many petition forms needed to get 500 signatures. That should be anywhere from 25 to 50 forms, but probably somewhere in the middle.  If you sign up as a Supplier, without being recruited by a Subcontractor, you can pick a Subcontractor to work for or be assigned one.  No donated money will go to pay salaries of any kind, but will or can be used for advertising, copying, buying petition-related materials, website production/publishing, and possible transportation stipends for volunteers.  One or more “non-Initiative” petitions, non-related to the Snoopy Act, may also be distributed by our broader party/committee, but any funds collected by the S.N.O.O.P.Y. Committee for the Snoopy Act Initiative cannot be and will not be commingled with other petitions. Any transport of “non-Initiative” petitions, if any, with this Initiative would not result in any extra expenses than if this Initiative were being transported by itself.

To apply, go to the Initiative Website and use the form on that page. Attaching a resume is optional for Subcontractors & Suppliers, but necessary if you’re applying for an “Organizer/Management” position. You can also apply via this website’s Contact/Donate/Volunteer page, but there’s no form, so you’ll need to supply your name and contact information to the listed email address, and assert whether you’re going for Organizer, Subcontractor or Supplier. Thank you!

(Update: 1/25/22): Initiative 1872 Text

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