3 Car Pile Up?

How many Indianapolis 500s have I seen where a bunch of cars get in a wreck, all in the same pile up, and the eventual winner and runner-up just glide by unscathed? I don’t know exactly, but a lot. Me, Mr. Basler and the other guy running for the Republican nomination may be heading into that political “pile up,” while Adam Smith and Stephanie Gallardo just glide by straight into the “Top 2” General Election runway. I think Republicans have expanded a little in the 9th District, so we may have a bigger slice of the pie than in 2018 or 2020, but when it’s split three ways, the slices get kind of thin.

I listened to “the other guy” a little bit on something called Irida TV (never heard of it until I saw him on it), and he sounded all high-brow and stuff, but that’s not the language of the Common Man (I’ll probably watch the entire thing when I’m in the mood for it). I’ll give this guy credit for getting on media broadcasts, but if he’s the anointed of the Press because they’re looking for someone new, I would take the “Save America” folks’ endorsements over the Press’s any day.

One of three Republicans getting through the Primary almost looks tougher than beating Smith in the General, but I may be overestimating how well a radical leftist will fare in 2022 compared to 2018, now that folks have had a taste of the most leftist national government in American history; she’s got a lot of money, though, and almost a replica of the leftist “Miss America” that beat out Basler in ’18 (for “Top 2”). 2022 is hardly going to be an easy path for conservatives (in the 9th District), but we have to be in the game.