Platform (re. ’21 mayoral campaign)

— Increase significantly (doubling or almost doubling) the size of our Police Force in 4 years (keeping pace with the size of F.W.’s growing population).

— WHAT THE CITY’S MESSAGE TO FEDERAL WAY PUBLIC SCHOOLS SHOULD BE:  No so-called woke theories, which also means no critical race theory, no revisionist history, no political indoctrination, and no partisan politics (a newly passed Washington pro-CRT law may be unconstitutional). Teach the basics and inspire children to strive for excellence in schoolwork. So-called teachers’ unions have no place to override the concensus of parents. The would-be Greene Mayor’s Office will help in seeing that the parents’ consensus, as determined by contemporaneous input of information gathered from meetings, calls, correspondence and other indicators, is the rule. Will also help with private school information and home-schooling information if parents/guardians want or request that.

— Start a Federal Way Emergency Contingency Volunteer Club. This club would be giving suggestions to the mayor about city-wide voluntary evacuation plans in case of a disaster (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.), actually have a voluntary evacuation plan on the table and ready to implement on a dime’s notice, and an emergency temporary shelter and supply plan whether or not there’s a need for a widespread evacuation. This would be a quick-and-ready action emergency club that would act far ahead of any time that FEMA could get to Federal Way, but with comparatively limited funding until FEMA could assist or take over.

— Initiate 20 spatial or geographical Economic & Environmental Zones, and appoint 40 volunteer Stewards, two for each zone, one for each specialty (one economic steward and one environmental steward), with regular stipend pay.

— Start a Federal Way Arts and Architectural Commission for the building of beautiful Romanesque-style structures among other artistic and architectural endeavors.

— Get support from museum experts, artists, philanthropists & community business leaders for starting a privately owned and funded American Art Museum that would focus on American art and classics; or, instead of a new privately owned building, maybe putting a similar type exhibition in the Performing Arts & Events Center (PAEC).

— By ordinance, OUTLAW any making, through the use of aborted fetus cells or any aborted fetus bodily material, of pharmaceutical drugs, medicines or vaccines, in the City of Federal Way.

— By ordinance, OUTLAW any laboratory experimentation, or trial, of any hybrid of human and animal cells or bodily material (engineering or designing so-called chimeras), in the City of Federal Way.

— Change the title of the Deputy Mayor to City Council President, and put the City Council President in charge of City Council Meetings. A Vice-President could also be selected by the Council from their members. This would just be a suggestion from the mayor to change the city charter for that purpose, not a priority (if the Council deems that the mayor should continue to hold the gavel, then so be it).

The following essay is also on the blog, but since it explains a need to keep a watch on an essentially totalitarian movement in America, I put it here, too, because that’s also part of my mayoral initiatives.

Dow Constantine, the King County Executive, is part of the same far left movement that has kept kids out of school for much of the last year, and, the little time they are in the classrooms, is keeping unhealthy masks on their faces even as late as the present time. In this matter, particularly, schools have too much control over the individual liberties that parents grant their children or that children have on their own.

The far left movement is also indoctrinating kids in the schools with their anti-American, illiberal and offbeat brand of culture and politics. This should stop with state laws or municipal ordinances, similar to what Florida is now doing or trying to do. Schools need to get back to teaching basics, not preaching politics.

The far left movement is the initiator of the doomsday culture about climate change, though it’s very unhealthy, mentally, to plant this kind of fear in the minds of kids or adults, especially when it is based on nothing but hypotheses that do not consider the substantial contrarian scientific opinion.

The far left movement is the engineer of the “woke” hysteria that is destroying America from inside out, and, believe me, they are farther along in doing that than almost anybody thought possible at the beginning of the century. We won’t like the “new country” or countries they are planning for us. Dow Constantine is part of that movement. Dow Constantine has endorsed Jim Ferrell for Mayor of Federal Way. Think before you vote.
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