Take the Statehouse back from the radicals. Populist, pro-life, centrist, and a pragmatic conservationist. Revive old values & our American traditions through new beginnings.

Ballot Title:

Initiative Measure No. 1872 concerns the humane treatment of cats and dogs.

This measure would prohibit certain experiments, research, and confinement of cats and dogs; prohibit use of cats and dogs in experiments, with exceptions; regulate breeding mills and sales; and provide penalties.

Should this measure be enacted into law? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Ballot Measure Summary:

This measure would prohibit certain experiments, research, and confinement of cats and dogs by laboratories, research operations, and breeding mills. It would prohibit use of cats and dogs in experiments, with certain exceptions, and limit knowing sales of cats and dogs for research, experimentation or breeding without buyer’s confirmation of legal compliance. It would require the Department of Agriculture to approve and determine conditions of breeding mills and investigate complaints; and provide penalties for violations.

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It’s interesting that some commentators say that people, generally, don’t respect politicians in general. So, if they’re right, you would think that most politicians would be switched out like socks as soon as their terms are up, but in reality, incumbents run again and again…sounds pretty much “perennial”…and they keep getting reelected, generally. Vote for the upset! [Your donation will help nominate the 1st new Republican in the 9th District since 2012.]

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    America, 2022: In honor of our many past, heroic and honorable servicemen and servicewomen, may they rest in peace and in the grace of the Almighty....

See post, “They’re Torturing Snoopy”

“NO” TO OPEN BORDERS:  Crazily, the Biden Govt. has let more than 2 million illegal aliens walk across our borders with impunity…and intentionally.  They are trying to internationalize and change the character of America.  Fix the porous border and stop the $450,000 border crossing payments.  Why is China in our universities while they are trying to dominate the world and make America an indentured servant class?  It’s ludicrous.

Regarding the conventional media and press, they are not objective, they use self-fulfilling prophecy to tell you what they want you to hear, in circa 1904 they gave Teddy Roosevelt a very hard time.  If they tag a candidate as unwinnable, they know the mob will follow them...don't fall for that.

Open Borders Is the Biggest Threat to a Sovereign United States, and nothing is more counterproductive to helping U.S. citizen poor than open borders; Biden Is Destroying the Country. Congress Should Start Impeachment Proceedings, Immediately, of Biden’s “Open Borders” Czar (DHS Secretary Mayorkas).

Mark Greene believes in retaining the traditional norms, customs and traditions of America. Mark is the centrist politician that we need in the Washington State House of Representatives. Mark was the sponsor of Initiative 1872, the Dogs and Cats Natural Life Act. Years ago, Mark once rescued a lost beagle and returned “Snoopy” (Mark’s name for the dog for retelling-the-story purposes) to a little boy and his mother.


Mark is a natural-born citizen, originally from the Midwest, but has lived in Washington longer than any other state in the nation. A veteran honorably discharged from the USMC (1972 – 1974), a graduate from a two-year college, and a writer, playwright, legal assistant & politician.


Mark was meritoriously nominated for promotion to Corporal in the USMC while working with newly transferred Marines and assisting them with getting checked-in and adjusted to life at the helicopter base he worked at.

In Mark’s post-Marine career, he worked with law firms in the field of business law, thus helping companies settle, ward off or defend against lawsuits, thereby keeping the engines of business running, and worker employment and productivity unhindered.


Mark Greene, candidate for representative, and his populist, socially conservative Revived Citizens Party look out for the Common Man, embody traditional patriotic values, embrace the environmental spirit of the 21st century, care about the natural world that all of us inhabit, but at the same time are not radical about the environment, and are in lock-step with our conservative youthful and elderly base.

Education & School Page (in construction on alternative website)


Mark, former mayoral candidate, would have brought the debate about the patriotic-themed logo for Federal Way back to the forefront, and through that, proposed a logo with Washington & Lincoln depictions instead of Mount Rainier, and would have asked the Council to rename 320th Street to Veterans Way.

Mark, if he had won the mayoral election, would have led as a populist centrist mayor with a platform of upholding the laws as well as the rights of citizens, and make sure that Federal Way does not become part and parcel of the New Left’s cultural revolution.

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